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Conserving Natural Resources

Here’s how we help conserve natural resources in our practice:

  • We recycle everything possible—cans, glass, office paper, plastic syringe cases and bottles—without reusing any medical supplies that could be contaminated.  We also recycle paper bags and pill vials, and reuse newspaper.  Through our waste management company, we end up recycling about ½ of our waste.
  • We use as little electricity as possible, keeping the lights off as much as we can and using fluorescent lights whenever feasible.
  • We keep the thermostat warmer in the summer and cooler in the winter especially when we are not in the clinic.  If there are hospitalized animals, of course, we set the temperature for their comfort or hospitalize them in the heated intensive care unit.  We try to use passive solar heating as much as we can.
  • Our property (8 acres behind the clinic) is a Certified Wildlife Habitat through the National Wildlife Federation: number 62997.  We plant native trees every winter on the property to encourage reforestation.
  • We support low energy transportation for our employees and encourage cycling to work.
  • We buy recycled envelopes and office paper for use in our office.  We also send home medications in 100% post-consumer content (PCC) paper bags rather than cheaper plastic bags which stay in the landfills forever.
  • We buy organic food for our clinic pets and outside bird feeders as much as we can.
  • We use the safest, least toxic pest control products available.
  • We support companies that recycle and support the environment.

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