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530-873-1136Full-service veterinary hospital serving the Butte County region

Canine & Feline Specialty Practice

Dr. Weber is an ABVP certified specialist in Canine and Feline Practice.

In addition to treating his own clients’ cats and dogs, he accepts referrals from local veterinary colleagues for more complex procedures such as orthopedic surgery, endoscopy, ultrasound and consults on difficult skin and medical problems.

He will gladly consult with local colleagues over the phone or email at no charge.

Avian Specialty Practice, Exotic Animal Medicine, Surgery & Emergency Service

Dr. Weber is also an AVBP certified specialist in Avian Practice and is specially trained in the treatment of other exotic pets, including reptiles, amphibians, ferrets, rodents, and rabbits among other species (also wildlife; see our wildlife policy and procedures for bringing in injured wildlife).

Whispering Pines houses a range of specialized equipment for treating exotics.

Orthopedic Surgery

Dr. Weber is experienced in orthopedic surgery on all species of companion and exotic animals. Our equipment includes exotic animal delicate instrument kits (including magnification and endoscopic instruments), bone plates, external fixation pins, circular external fixation kits, and associated instruments, stapling devices and special suture material.

We use a full range of modern anesthetic agents and computerized anesthesia monitoring devices to ensure your pet has a pleasant and safe surgery, and require that all of our surgical patients (size permitting) have pre-anesthetic blood testing and intravenous or intraosseous fluid therapy during surgery to minimize any adverse events associated with anesthesia.

We also have an automatic ventilator for assisted breathing if needed.

CO2 Laser Surgery

The Laser seals nerves, blood vessels and lymphatics which provides great reduction in surgical pain, hemorrhage and post-operative swelling. This is especially important in small pets where even a drop of blood can be life-threatening.

It can also be used to remove skin masses without anesthesia, and ablate and even cure lick granulomas and feline stomatitis. Recovery is shorter as well, because of the decreased pain and swelling, which can be important in orthopedic or geriatric cases.

Laser surgery benefits for patients

Less Bleeding

Less Pain

Reduced risk of infection

Quicker recovery time

Laser surgery benefits for surgeons

Unique surgical capabilities

Enhanced visibility of the surgical field

Increased precision and control

Reduction of surgery time

More information about our CO2 Laser Surgery system.

Endoscopy, Ultrasound, Ultra-Detail X-rays, and Dental X-rays

Our ultra-detail digital x-ray system provides very clear images and allows visualization of anatomical structures of very small animals which cannot be easily discerned with typical x-ray. We can email x-ray images to clients or consultants as needed.  We also have a separate digital x-ray system with even higher detail especially for dental views which also works well for very small exotic pets.

We are fully equipped with an ultrasound machine and both flexible and rigid endoscopes, and we can upload ultrasound and endoscopy images to the computer to store in your pet’s electronic medical file.

This capability also allows us to e-mail ultrasound and endoscopy records to other specialists should their consultation be needed in your pet’s treatment in order to bring your pet the highest quality health care.

Full in-house Lab & Pharmacy

Our diagnostic equipment includes a full in-house laboratory for blood and urine chemistry analysis, complete blood count, fecal examination, and microbiology.

We can do any of these tests on any species of pet, size permitting, and we have special equipment solely for use in exotic animal medicine.

We work with a wide range of outside laboratories to provide an even broader array of tests as needed, such as avian DNA sexing and disease diagnosis, fungal serology and histopathology.

We also consult with top specialists in avian and exotic animal veterinary medicine and surgery from around the world to bring you the most up-to-date diagnosis and treatment possible.

Nutritional Counseling

We offer consultations on avian and exotic animal husbandry and diet and are networked with some of the world’s experts on these subjects.

We sell prescription cat and dog foods from Science Diet and ​Blue Buffalo, as well as the highest quality pet bird diets from Lafeber and Harrison’s.

Behavioral Consultations and Training

We also offer behavioral consultations for any species of pet and weekly puppy training classes utilizing non-violent and non-painful methods. Rich Gingery has many years of experience and hours of continuing education in canine, feline and avian behavior.

Rich is especially proficient with problem behavior cases, including dog aggression, feline inappropriate urination, and parrot feather picking. He runs five-week puppy training and socialization classes at our clinic. The classes are sometimes extended beyond five weeks as required.

Contact our office to sign-up for our behavior training program.

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