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530-873-1136Full-service veterinary hospital serving the Butte County region

Mission statement

Our goal is to help clients’ pets live long, happy and healthy lives through preventative care and early diagnosis of medical problems. We believe in treating other people’s pets like we would treat our own, and consistently offer the highest level of professional service.

Everyone in the Whispering Pines Pet Clinic family is committed to professional, caring, specialized service and unsurpassed client education. Whispering Pines Pet Clinic takes pride in our dedication to the highest standards in veterinary medicine, and we are happy to provide experienced, knowledgeable service to Northern California’s avian and exotic pets, dogs and cats, and “behavior problem” pets.

We, as a small business, are also committed to be as environmentally conscious as possible and conserve our natural resources for our children.

Our beliefs

  • We believe in not condescending to assume that our clients can or cannot pay any given bill. We will not offend you by recommending sub-par treatment because of the cost.
  • We believe that certain problems and pets need to be taken care of by a veterinarian who has expertise in the field and the correct equipment to deal with them. For this reason, we do not see non-avian livestock, and we utilize the referral system for issues such as spinal surgery and acupuncture.
  • We believe in and utilize non-violent methods of behavior modification.
  • We believe in the safety of our clients and their pets. Please allow us to handle your pet for the examination, for their safety and yours. Even the nicest pet can bite when they are surprised. Also, please keep your dog leashed and your small pets in a carrier or similarly restrained. We do not want pets injuring each other or flying away.
  • We will try to explain everything so you can understand it and make an informed decision; if there is something you do not understand, please ask.
  • We believe in being environmentally conscientious; please return pill vials and paper bags for recycling, or recycle them from home.
  • We support diversity in our community and in our profession and reject all forms of discrimination and prejudice; Whispering Pines is a Safe Space for people of all (and no) groups.  We believe in equality of all people, no matter what their ethnicity, religion, gender, sexual orientation or disability (or lack of any of these).

Keys to success

  •  We treat our patients as if they were our own pets and always offer customers the highest quality specialty service that they desire and deserve. Conversely we will never recommend unnecessary tests or procedures.
  • We take an individualized approach to the long-term care of each of our patients and are dedicated to providing our clients with enough information to make appropriate decisions concerning the health care of their animal companions.  We will do our best to explain everything we recommend for your pet as well as any test results and X-rays. We believe client education is the most important aspect of veterinary practice.
  • We will always give you a price estimate before we do anything with your pet unless circumstances preclude it.
  • We will always see your pet the same day if it is sick or if there is an emergency during business hours.  We will make every attempt to see your pet after hours if we are able.
  • We will help you medicate your pet if you require assistance, even on our days off if we are able.
  • We continually pursue continuing education to keep abreast of the changing veterinary field, and encourage all of our employees to do the same.
  • We believe that a well-behaved pet is a happy and healthy pet so we give the utmost attention to the behavior of all of our patients.
  • We believe that our employees deserve the greatest respect and highest rewards; we will treat them accordingly and as our business succeeds, so will they succeed.
  • We believe that we can make the world a better place for us and our children by conserving our natural resources and recycling as much as possible.

If you have any questions about our practice philosophy, please call us at 530-873-1136. We’re here to help your pet receive the best possible care. Serving Butte County including Chico, Paradise, Magalia, and Oroville.

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